What Is EPEAT?
EPEAT stands for the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, which is the definitive global rating system for greener electronics.  It ranks products on 51 specific criteria, to help identify greener imaging equipment and other electronics devices.  The EPEAT tool is comprehensive, being based on IEEE 1680 International Standards, and the program includes energy efficiency, reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive substances, take-back programs for equipment, packaging and consumables, and other important environmental attributes.

For more information about the EPEAT Imaging Equipment Program, please visit:  www.epeat.net

Click on each section below to learn more about how RISO meets EPEAT requirements for certain imaging products.

List of RISO products registered with EPEAT





For more information about RISO’s EPEAT Program, please contact us at 978-739-3442 or email us at epeat@riso.com.










 Ease of disassembly of product Notification regarding the identification of both materials and components that have hazardous characteristics or special handling needs Preparation of product end-of-life characterization report Early failure process Product upgradeability Spare parts ENERGY STAR Standby Power Level Auto Standby Capability Default to Automatic Duplex Printing Provision of product take‐back service Provision of take‐back service for broader scope of products Public disclosure of key environmental aspects Product life‐cycle assessment and public disclosure of analyses Provision of take‐back service for packaging Use of general office paper with renewable content,recycled content, and that is chlorine free Documentation that product does not prevent the use of non‐manufacturer cartridges and non‐manufacturer containers Provision of take‐back and end‐of ‐life management for cartridges and containers Manufacturer recycles or reuses plastics collected through its cartridge and container take‐back program Documentation that the cartridge or container is not designed to prevent its reuse and recycling