Energy Savings

RISO is proud to say that all of our inkjet printers and digital duplicators are ENERGY STAR certified.  RISO digital duplicators use 95% less energy than photocopiers, and our current digital duplicator models use 75% less power than models from a decade ago.

Our many design improvements tie in directly with these overall savings, by improving efficiency in a number of small ways that add up to substantial benefits.  For example, RISO products are energy sippers, requiring only standard 110V power to operate, instead of the dedicated 220V circuit most copier systems need.  They have a variety of power-saving settings, so they consume even less when they’re not being used.  And their high speed processes your jobs faster and more efficiently, which means that even when they’re running, they’re not running as long.
Toner-based devices require heating elements to affix the toner to the page, and these heating elements are the main power draw of most printers – using power to literally “warm up” before printing, and maintaining that operating temperature when in standby mode.  Even some inkjet systems require heating of the ink to create the droplets needed to print.  RISO inkjet printers and duplicators do not use a heat or laser process, using our patented FORCEJET technology to deliver ink to the page, so they consume a fraction of the energy required to run heat-intensive devices. 
This heatless process provides a secondary benefit, because it further reduces the need for compensatory cooling (air conditioning) and ventilation, which further reduces your overall energy consumption and cost. This also reduces the strain on regional power generation facilities and the electrical grid, reducing power companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

A carbon footprint is the measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of greenhouse gases produced measured in units of carbon dioxide. This is considered a huge contributor to global warming.  The carbon footprint of RISO printers is negligible, making our products an environmentally sound, “green” choice for your organization.
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