Our Technology

Our technology utilizes a heatless imaging system that requires no fusing during the printing process. This aspect, combined with our simple paper path, provides a highly reliable print device with very fewer paper jams or component failures. Our printers boast a 98% up-time and last longer than most comparably priced toner-based devices. 

All of RISO’s printers are environmentally friendly and emit no ozone, silica dust or toner particles, so no special compensatory cooling or ventilation is required. Using as little as 300 watts when running, and connectable to a standard 110v outlet, our printers are extremely power efficient as well. 

As a pioneer and continuous innovator in ink-based print systems, RISO currently owns over 1,600 global patents that contribute to our printers’ productivity, versatility, and cost efficiency. We invest heavily in research and development and maintain strict control over our entire manufacturing process and supply chain management , thus ensuring the highest quality products for our customers. The imaging and inking systems in all of our printers are designed to work in harmony to produce the best possible output, while maximizing the yield of our consumables. RISO boasts dozens of industry “firsts” for both our digital duplicating and full-color inkjet printing technologies. The result has been many thousands of delighted customers, numerous independent awards from independent observers, and a solid reputation as a leader and innovator in the field of high-speed low-cost digital color printing.