TC5100 Collator

Tackle your high-volume, multi-page collating jobs! 
Featuring a small footprint and quiet operation  the TC5100 is suitable for virtually any environment.

Print Cylinders with Case

Add impact to your documents with color. Over 70 colors to choose from, and there's no mess, with the RISO self contained integrated printing cylinder system.

PS7R-5000 System Controller

Connect the PS7R-5000 to the RZ990 or MZ790 Printer-Duplicator for a high performance printing system or workflow solution that produces fast, consistent, professional results. The PS7R-5000 is equipped with an Intel® Celeron® 2.9GHz processor with an 80GB hard disk drive and 256MB of memory, and also features a Linux OS. 10/100/1000BaseT compatibility assures high data transfer speeds so even the most complex print jobs can be processed quickly.

T-100D & T-200 — Continuous Envelope Feeding System
By reloading stocks on-the-fly, the top-load bottom-feed design delivers an unlimited stream of envelope and postcard stocks to RISO digital duplicators. Compared to a traditional offset printing process, the combination of a RISO digital duplicator and the T-100D results in maximum productivity and throughput, shorter run lengths, and turn-around timeframes of hours, not weeks.