"Cut-sheet Inkjet: Affordable for Your In-Plant"

Powerpoint and Audio from March 4, 2015: In-Plant Graphics hosted, RISO Sponsored
Speakers: Chuck Gerlach, Graphic Design and Visual Communications Instructor, Somerville High School and Rodney Davis, Director of Information Technology, Windstar Cruises
Moderator: Bob Neubauer, Editor in Chief/Content Director, In-Plant Graphics

"Inkjet, toner, and reader response rates: Does print quality affect results?"

Powerpoint presentation and audio of March 24, 2010 whattheythink webinar.


Increasing Your Print ROI with Fast & Affordable Digital Color


Book on Demand: It's Just Smart Business


Critical Trends Webinar 2: Don't Forget the Direct Mail Houses!!!

Powerpoint and Audio. Barbara Pellow, Group Director, InfoTrends
Jeff Summers Allen Samuels Auto group.


High-speed low-cost inkjet: what it could mean for your production color applications

Audio MP3 file.