Legacy Product Spec Sheets


RISO products are built to last, so it's not unusual for our customers to have printers for many years and to run millions of copies. For your convenience, here are spec sheets for past RISO models.

Discontinued list JULY 2012

AR8100 GR3710 MZ790 RP3105
AR8500 GR3750 MZ990 RP3500
CZ180 GR3770 NC-001 RP3505
CR1610 HC5000 P520 RP3700
EZ220 HC5500 P522 RP3790
EZ390 M520 P620 RZ220
EZ590 M522 P630 RZ310
FR2950 M620 P632 RZ390
FR3910 M630 P634 RZ590
FR3950 M632 P820 RZ990
FR3950a M634 PS8050 SC3000
G752 M750 RJ1100 SC3500
G912 M752 RN2000 SC5000
GR1700 M820 RN2030 SC7700
GR1750 M835 RN2130 SC7900
GR2700 M845 RN2235 SC7950
GR2710 M912 RN2530 TR1510
GR2750 MX1200 RP3100 V8000

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